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Airup Tire Repair

Where Science meets the Flat Tire – designed to quickly repair typical punctures and reinflate the tire, AirUp products take the hassle and inherent danger out of changing a flat tire on the side of a busy road or during inclement weather.

Formulated with IQLSC’s Permanent Seal Technology, AirUp products contain the most advanced tire sealant technology available today and are proven to seal more holes and last longer than other tire inflator and sealers.

AirUp takes only about 60 seconds to apply, getting the user back on the road quickly and safely.  With patented technology, the entire AirUp line of tire inflator and sealer products covers the full range of tire sizes from bicycles and motorcycles to cars and trucks to RVs and 18-wheelers. In addition, AirUp Tire Repair products do not contain CFCs that damage the ozone layer and are never tested on animals.