Welcome to the World of IQPC ...

  1. where we try to make possible the seemingly impossible and where the best ideas become reality;

  2. where we offer Best-of-Category products to customers around the globe.

  3. where we are also now working to manufacture the very best pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions.


We at IQPC believe that the pursuit of perfection is a journey – with a clear beginning and a clearly defined destination – albeit an inevitably elusive one. As we continue our journey, the challenge is not to permit ourselves to be satisfied with our successes or to succumb to the temptation to rest on our laurels, but rather to continue moving along the road to perfection, which will always remain our Goal.

We believe in, and put into practice, the power of classic applied science. We are researching, developing, and extending state-of-the-art technologies to establish, in domestic and international markets, new and improved standards for product performance, quality, and user-safety, while maintaining environmental integrity. Our commitment to the pursuit of perfection has led to the creation of unique process and composition technologies for the development of products, which today are without equal, and which will continue to establish the standards for years to come.

While most manufacturers lack the research and development capabilities necessary to create the level of technology which the future requires, IQPC has methodically nurtured and developed a comprehensive scientific research capability. At the same time, IQPC has quickly grown into a diversified, vertically integrated consumer products company that develops, manufactures and markets over two hundred IQPC-branded products in a broad spectrum of market segments.

At IQPC, it can be done, and it is being done.