International Expansion

Our Goal
Our Goal " ... at least one product manufactured by IQPC in every household, in every country, within five years of the date we enter any specific market in that country," also defines our international perspective and aspirations. Our unique mix of assets and capabilities very effectively positions IQPC for international expansion.

The diversity of our employee base and our deep knowledge of other societies, other countries, and of the mechanics of international trade, combine to provide us with the know-how, incentive, and the capability to become successful in the international marketing of our unique product lines.

We believe that every consumer in every market in every country, irrespective of socio-economic status, can justify buying at least one of our products because of need, affordability, and convenience. As one of the most efficient and low-cost manufacturers of a wide range of desirable consumer products, geographically located in a great trade and transportation hub, IQPC has positioned itself to be an efficient and competitive supplier to the world market.

Our focus, outlook and objectives have always been international, because the company's roots are firmly planted in the international oil, chemical, and engineering industries. Plans for global expansion are well underway. Over the past few years, we have methodically strengthened our knowledge base to prepare us for entry into several world markets. In many of these markets, we either have already established operations or we are actively seeking acquisition candidates or partners to help us reach our Goal quickly.

Our facilities are located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., the global center of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Engineering industries. Our alliances with a number of major chemical companies afford us a more competitive and preferred position for our raw material purchases, in addition to invaluable access to their respective research and development capabilities.

Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast have the largest concentration of chemical R&D companies in the world. Houston is intricately linked to all world markets through a web of ocean and air freight connections. Houston is also a major land transportation hub with efficient and extensive rail, air, and over-the-road links to all parts of the United States, Mexico, and Canada.