Custom Packaging Services
IQPC is influencing the industry not only through our own branded products, but also through a number of other product lines that we bring to market under various well-known brand names. IQPC Custom Packaging Services helps to transform the ideas of other companies into marketable products, allowing us to share with them our patented and patent-pending technologies. IQPC offers other companies its significant in-house capabilities in research and development, production, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping, and even product design.

Responding to our customers' requirements, we offer any or all of our system capabilities for producing a finished, customized product. These services include:

•    Licensing existing technology and compositions;
•    Developing new technologies and compositions;
•    EPA or FDA registration;
•    Compounding and blending;
•    Precision filling and packaging;
•    Warehousing and shipping;
•    Product packaging and label design services;
•    Collateral product marketing material design services.

This total custom package of services is tailored to meet our customers' needs so they may concentrate their own resources on marketing their products. Our expert teams of Production Engineers and Chemists have created products in many consumer products industries. Our present capabilities include aerosol and non-aerosol liquids, and tube or jar-filled emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, horticulture, lawn & garden, automotive, and specialty chemical segments.