Technology Development
The services of our extensive IQPC Custom Packaging Services Group are available to select customers. These services include:

•    Licensing our existing technologies;
•    Developing new process and customized product compositions;
•    Improving existing technologies and compositions supplied by our customers.

Three new technology areas are newsworthy and of particular interest.

First, we have developed and perfected a precision filling process technology for filling high pressure aerosol propellants, such as Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, to one-tenth of one gram accuracy. This has allowed the development of much safer and lower cost aerosol products with varied applications.

Secondly, we have developed a hydrophilic polymer-based stable emulsion technology for highly desirable attributes in skin care applications. We are presently working for FDA registered wound care applications in the pharmaceutical segment.

Thirdly, we have developed and perfected in-house capability for custom formulating multi-propellant azeotropic blends. This allows us to develop compositions with a wide variety of spray patterns and applications from personal care to home care and automotive chemical products.

A particular strength of the IQPC team is our ability to respond quickly to customers’ new product development requirements. We employ a high degree of multi-disciplinary focus towards finding solutions to every product development challenge. When our customers see a marketing opportunity and need to realize it quickly, they can rely on IQPC to get the job done!