Research & Development

Core Strengths
The Research and Development arm of IQ Products Company, is the driving force in our journey to perfection. Research & Development personnel work closely with all departments in the company to assure that every product meets the most demanding criteria for quality, performance, and marketability. We are actively increasing our asset base of valuable commercial patents with a number of patent applications now pending approvals.

It is the commercialization of our intellectual properties which will, in the coming years, contribute most to IQPC's growth. Our ever-growing team of talented scientists includes professionals from the chemical, medical, and engineering fields. These talented and dedicated professionals are continuously striving to improve our technologies, even when such improvements may seem incremental to the uninitiated. A state-of-the-art laboratory provides our scientists with the resource tools for their pioneering work, which is required to produce Best-of-Category products.

IQPC's soon-to-be-introduced medical products, currently under development, will include products in the aerosol, non-aerosol, and cream categories. These products will provide the medical community with more effective options in the disinfectant, ointment, skin care, and medical-disposable product markets.

Following our strategic growth plan, we are currently breaking into the well-established but expanding area of pharmaceutical and Over-the-Counter (OTC) medical products. Product development is advanced in several areas involving aerosol asthma inhalers, bactericide and virucide sprays, as well as a fascinating hydrophilic polymer technology with promising applications in a variety of important medical product fields.

Additionally, our scientists are nearing a breakthrough in at least two technologies for automotive chemical products, which will enhance consumer safety while also enhancing the enjoyment and usefulness of the automobile.

At IQPC – Science Rules!