Product Safety

User safety is of paramount
importance to IQPC.
We subscribe to the belief that safety must be designed and built into consumer products in ways that will reduce if not eliminate unreasonable and unnecessary hazards. Good product design includes consideration of every step from the initial product concept to the use of the product by the consumer to the final disposal of the product after use.

IQPC considers the following when designing a new product:

•    incorporation of safety into product design;
•    clear directions for use, including warnings against possible misuse;
•    meeting or exceeding industry and mandatory standards;
•    quality assurance program that includes consumer feedback;
•    product recall procedures including public communication strategies; and
•    method for quick response to safety concerns that may arise.

IQPC’s corporate culture of safety has resulted in a number of notable product innovations that set new industry-wide standards. We were first to make a non-flammable, non-explosive tire inflator and sealer product that met increasingly stringent regulations regarding ozone-depleting chemicals. We were first to formulate our computer duster product with an aversive agent to help deter inhalation abuse, which is prevalent among young members of society. Our Personal Care products are formulated with gentle yet effective chemicals suitable for use on your skin, while we select less harsh chemicals for our Household Care products that are suitable inside the home environment.