Looking Ahead

Focus and Drive

IQPC is in a constant state of metamorphosis, incorporating the practice and training necessary to preserve the focus and drive which is required to remain competitive in the modern fast-changing world. To manage IQPC's evolution and growth into the world market, we have assembled a highly dedicated group of capable professionals. Each brings to the team their specific talent and proven record of accomplishment. Each is self-driven to succeed.


As we grow, we are continuously looking for other creative and energized professionals to add to our team. We at IQPC welcome creative thought. In the world of IQPC, vision and creativity help we grow stronger as we strive to reach our Goal.


"There will be at least one product manufactured by IQPC in every household, in every country, within five years of the date we enter any specific market in that country." At IQPC, the continuous pursuit of perfection is a wonderful ongoing journey, constantly striving to achieve that elusive objective. Each time a specific goal is reached, the IQPC team find themselves setting new goals, reaching for new areas of perfection.